Kfar Kedem's Activities

Enjoy a wide variety of hands-on, interactive activities, making bread, oil, cheese,
and other staples – just the way it was done in ancient times!
Period dress and our authentic atmosphere make the experience complete!

Please note that all visits must be booked in advance.

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  • Donkey Trails
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    "Then the Lord opened the ass's mouth and she said to Balaam..." Numbers 22:28

    Abraham rode the original 4x4
                                            – now it's your turn.

    Take a ride in the Galilee hills,
    get the feel of the land with the original organic shock absorbers!
    We haven't gotten our donkeys to speak
    as Balaam's did, but there may be a
    message here.

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  • Greener Pastures
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    "... Go follow the tracks of the sheep, and graze your kids by the tents of the shepherds " Song of Songs 1:8

    How does wool become cloth? How does milk become cheese?
    Follow in the footsteps of shepherds like Moses, David, Rabbi Akiva, Jacob and Sons. Taste what they tasted.
    Smell what they smelled. Shear the sheep and spin it into genuine wool, and milk the goats to make fresh cheese: you can spread it on the pita you'll bake yourselves – yum!

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  • Bread Basket
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    "This is the bread which the Lord has given you to eat… Gather as much of it as you need… " Exodus 16:15

    What does bread mean?
    Experience getting from the wheat in the fields to the pita you'll taste. Learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff and grind into flour and make fresh pita.
    And learn what this most basic human staple teaches us about how the Bible expects us to live.

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  • The Olive Press
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    "God will favor you and bless you… God will bless your new grain and wine and oil..." Deuteronomy 7:13

    How do you light an olive?
    From tree to lamp, you'll experience authentic ancient olive-pressing techniques. Pick the olives, crush them and press them, all just the way they did in Second Temple times. The versatile oil produced can be used for food, for light, even cosmetics!
    You'll use the oil you make to light an oil lamp, just like in the holy Menorah in the Temple.

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  • The Wine Press
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    "Everyone shall sit under their grapevine or fig tree with no one to disturb them." Micah 4:4

    We'll rest under the vine – but first we'll get a hands-on – and feet-on!
    experience of turning grapes into wine as it was done in the ancient wine presses.

    Even if you can't break-dance, you can grape-dance – get your whole group grooving on the grapes, singing and treading to the rhythm.


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